We’re architecture, landscape and interior specialists with deep sector insight

Since founding in 1964 we’ve developed an integrated practice working across disciplines and sectors without losing sight of our progressive, sustainable design philosophy. We look forward to sharing our story with you in full in early autumn. Talk to us about how we can bring that knowledge to your project.

Disciplines Overview

We offer an integrated multi-disciplinary service that covers architecture, landscape, interiors, masterplanning, and environmental sustainability. Our disciplines collaborate effectively as one team and interact with members of the wider design team in a professional and creative way. Each discipline has award-winning capability and the strength to operate independently in all of our key sectors.


‘We shape buildings, then buildings shape us’. This thinking underpins our approach to architecture. We strive to create buildings that respond to their context and climate, as well as our client’s budget, with a focus on exploiting opportunities to make memorable places.

Consequently, we don’t have a ‘signature-style’. Every design evolves as a solution to a unique set of challenges which we approach with ‘signature-thinking’ – a thoughtful, creative process that allows the character and ideas of each project to flourish in its own way. We call this Thoughtful Design.

Landscape Architecture

Our team are experts in the integration of buildings with the landscape, seeking to connect people with nature, whatever the setting. We are careful to consider the context of development, the needs of our client and wider user groups, and the potential impact on global climate change. Taking this holistic approach, we are able to deliver thoughtful solutions to complex problems using natural systems, while at the same time seeking to delight the people who experience these places through the considered use of form, materiality and planting that reflects the culture, history and ecology of a location.

Interior Architecture

Our interior architecture team is driven by a passion to create spaces which inspire and nurture. We craft spaces which are memorable and understand the influence our designs have on people’s performance and their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Each solution is unique, balancing creativity with functionality, to complement the form and scale of the architecture and environment.

With depth and variety of expertise throughout our team, we deliver high quality internal environments across several sectors, in both the public and private markets.


We relish the challenge to develop a vision and concept with our clients to enable them to address complex issues at a local, national and global level. Whatever the scale of project we take time to understand the context, history, forms, patterns, uses, opportunities and challenges associated with a location. We are able to bring a pragmatic and creative approach with the aim of creating places which are sociable, active, inclusive, healthier, safer and comfortable; places which are sustainable, socially, environmentally and economically.

Our team has experience across estates in residential, healthcare, education, justice, and defence, as well as in asset rationalisation in local government settings.

Environmental Sustainability

HLM provides a comprehensive sustainability consultancy delivering responsive and integrated design-led solutions. We combine innovative sustainable design with the practicalities of achieving statutory compliance and accreditation, generating long term environmental and commercial value for our clients. We have established HLMGreenbuild, an association consultancy with the renowned environmental design consultant GreenBuild to combine our expertise and offer specific services including: sustainability and energy design and reporting, BREEAM, LEED, and WELL certification as well as environmental modelling.

Sector Overview

HLM Architects has a proud history of delivering social architecture over more than 50 years. We currently operate in seven key sectors, each of which has a significant impact on society and the human experience. We bring deep sector knowledge in all these and work with private and public sector clients to help them realise, and often surpass, their ambitions.

Workplace and Civic

We’re enjoying working hard to support clients connect their property assets with their improved business performance ambitions. Our strategic design approach is radically shaping private and public sector attitudes to property assets.

We’re creating opportunities for our clients to optimise the performance of their estate, informing smart investment planning and improving workplace wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


We’re passionate about the role of education to transform lives. In support of lifelong learning our expertise covers every type of education environment from nursery through to higher education and research facilities.

We’re proud to be regularly recognised with design awards and accolades but our real kick is seeing the impact that inspiring spaces can have to enable people of all ages to reach their full potential.

Living and Communities

Historically, we lived in village communities formed through intimate relationships and common interests in a built environment where everyone knew and supported one another.
Our design philosophy focuses on re-instating these important support mechanisms within our communities; representing the fulfilment of the natural desire to help positively shape the way we live and the communities we serve, improving our quality of life in a way which is compatible with the interests of future generations.


Our ambition is to help shape and deliver highly functional and inspiring command, operational and technical facilities across the international defence estate.

Our deep understanding of the operational needs of the Tri-Services and the military ethos is underpinned with a thoughtful design approach to create the best working, living, and training environments for all levels of personnel.

Justice and Emergency Services

For over two decades we have developed a fresh, operationally - driven design approach in creating award winning secure justice and emergency services facilities across the UK and internationally.

The architecture of incarceration is challenging at all levels. We believe that the quality of the environment can help positively contribute to personal growth. We are continually seeking to balance safety and security with a desire to inspire individuals to learn and develop. We continually invest in research and development to support this ambition.


Improving the general wellbeing of our employee’s, clients and building users is an ongoing ambition of ours. From the importance of landscape to the detail of interiors, our sleeping, waking, home and working life should be predicated on avoiding stress, unhappiness, illness and pain.

This is of course even more pertinent in the Healthcare Sector and the design of our healing environments provide the spaces needed to minimise length of stay, speed recovery, improve wellness and reduce the need for re-admission.

Hospitality, Leisure and Culture

We love designing spaces where people can interact, be entertained, relax and to physically and mentally recharge. Our designs are rooted by a strong sense of place, making memorable destinations that inspire and give people space to dream, reflect, play, and that linger long in their memories. Whether we’re doing a feasibility for a new community theatre, designing a new leisure centre, or a hotel refurbishment, we never forget the impact that the environment has on people.