Sector Overview

We love designing spaces where people can interact, be entertained, relax and to physically and mentally recharge.

Our designs are rooted by a strong sense of place, making memorable destinations that inspire and give people space to dream, reflect, play, and that linger long in their memories. Whether we’re doing a feasibility for a new community theatre, designing a new leisure centre, or a hotel refurbishment, we never forget the impact that the environment has on people.

Jamie Wilson is our for Hospitality, Leisure and Culture Sponsor.

Dubai Smart Hotels

Our architectural and interiors team worked with our client to develop the concept for a new hotel brand to be launched in the UAE. The brand targeted the urban traveller, and set out to integrate new technologies with regional culture.

Ella Canta Restaurant

Working closely with our client and the design team, we collaborated with David Collins Studio to develop their concept and detail, and successfully deliver the Ella Canta restaurant in the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane.

Dart Marina

The refurbishment and major remodelling of the South wing, extension of South block and addition of balconies to the eastern elevation. Internally, there was a major refurbishment and re-configuration to provide fewer, but better arranged guest rooms, consisting of 16 double en-suite bedrooms over the first and second floors and 4 double bedroom suites on the ground floor.

Quay Stores Auditorium

Designing a new auditorium, exhibition space and café adjacent to the Grade II listed Quay Stores building created a new social destination, embracing and enhancing the local maritime character, identity, history and culture of the waterfront location, creating a unique sense of place.