23.09.21 | Karl Brown

Retrofit and the Circular Economy

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08.09.21 | HLM News

Influencing the Way We Live and Work Through Climate-Sensitive Architecture

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HLM Architects interview with Alethea Ottewell Landscape Architect
31.08.21 | Alethea Ottewell

Quick Fire Questions with Alethea Ottewell, Associate Director – Landscape

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25.08.21 | HLM News

Utilising Passivhaus Design to Live more Lightly in the Natural World

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19.05.21 | HLM News

Desert Island Desks

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28.04.21 | HLM News

Introducing Dan Brown, Head of MMC Delivery

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HLM Architects Home of 2030 Finalist
23.04.21 | Matthew Thomas

How the ‘Forever Home’ has been designed to lower environmental impact throughout the lifetime of a home

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HLM Architects MMC & Passivhaus
09.03.21 | Simon Bell

Passivhaus and MMC

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Modular homes – creating a happier, healthier society Home of 2030 by HLM Architects
18.02.21 | HLM News

Smart, sustainable homes for the future

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10.02.21 | HLM News

#NAW2021 – Marie Hadfield’s Apprenticeship Journey

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Addington School by HLM Architects SEN School
14.01.21 | Russell Whitby

Rethinking collaboration to deliver value using ‘offsite’

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11.01.21 | Philip Watson

Positive trends that will shape procurement in 2021

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