One sixe fits one article by Karen Mosley HLM Architects for Women in Property
07.07.20 | Karen Mosley

One size fits one

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Marcus Earnshaw Digital Director at HLM Architects
20.06.20 | Marcus Earnshaw

How a collaborative approach is helping HLM thrive in the work from home era

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11.06.20 | Neil Orpwood

Improving the wellbeing of healthcare staff and patients through design

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Philip Watson, Head of Design @ HLM Architects
11.06.20 | Philip Watson

Post-occupancy – it should be embedded in every practice and project

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Simon Bell, Director and Sustainability Champion at HLM Architects
05.06.20 | Simon Bell

How my own passivhaus journey has helped shape HLM’s sustainability strategy

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Karen Mosley Nine Day Fortnight
25.05.20 | Karen Mosley

Taking positive lessons from the pandemic

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21.05.20 | Alethea Ottewell

How sensitive design can improve mental health

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07.05.20 | Mohammed Ul-Haq

The NHS vs COVID-19

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Whirlow Hall Farm
01.05.20 | Patrick Arends

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust Café: The chance to make a difference

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Philip Watson Everything is Connected Article for Building Magazine
27.04.20 | Philip Watson

Everything is connected

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06.04.20 | Gareth Woodfin

Designed for Learning

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Philip Watson, Director HLM Architects Social Value Text
05.02.20 | Philip Watson

Good Design Adds Value – Economically, Socially and Environmentally

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