HLM_RaD R&D at HLM Architects

Digital Practice

We seek to enhance the human experience through the application of technology.

We firmly believe that the successful application of digital technology will transform the design and construction industry and more generally, bring significant economic, environmental and social benefits for all. We understand that the digitisation of the construction industry is much more than BIM. Digital construction, to us, encompasses the way we communicate, the way we collaborate and the way we deliver information. We’ve undergone our own digital transformation which has enabled our business functions to operate more efficiently, bringing huge benefits to the company, our clients and our staff.

Our digital strategy continuously evolves to maintain our position as a leader in our field. We monitor industry trends, assess new technologies, and often create new digital processes or tools of our own to make us better, smarter and faster. But we never lose sight that we are designing and communicating with and for people, and it is the human experience we seek to enhance through the application of technology.

Research and Development

Introducing HLM_RaD

HLM_RaD has been launched to create an environment that brings together the best knowledge to innovate, experiment and explore better ways of working, collaborating, designing, and constructing. The overall purpose of this work is to strive to deliver a better product, more efficiently and effectively. HLM_RaD is the new place for all R&D within our practice.

We’ve established a strong and relevant voice in our industry and the launch of HLM_RaD is the next stage of our research and development programme.  It aims to provide us with new tools and capabilities to improve our design process and outcomes for our clients. We often collaborate with consultant specialists, higher education institutions as well as policy and research bodies, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of design thinking.

Our current research programme covers several key themes including:

  • Digital Technology
  • Offsite Construction
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainability
  • Wellbeing
  • Social value
  • Special Educational Needs

These themes resonate with our own values and the concerns of our clients and society. We are continuously developing thought leadership, research papers, digital tools, and further collaborations to ensure that we can make meaningful contributions in all these areas.

Here’s a look at some of our most recent R&D projects aimed at striving to deliver a better product, more efficiently and effectively.

HLM_RaD HLM Architects Circular Twin R&D Project

Thoughtful Design Toolkit

Our Thoughtful Design Toolkit contains a suite of digital tools that enable designers and commissioning clients to define, develop and assess their building projects in an evidence-based way.

To find out more about the tools; HLM_Insight, HLM_Healthcheck and HLM_Impact watch our Thoughtful Design Toolkit film and download our brochure.