Growth Accelerator HLM Architects by Karen Mosley

Karen Mosley recently joined the Yorkshire Business Insider discussion, ‘Growth Acceleration: Unleashing Ambitions’ on the challenges faced by businesses throughout and following the pandemic. Sponsored by Sheffield Hallam University, the online forum brought together the reflections and predictions of five panelists surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on strategies for business growth.

We often think about growth in terms of size, income, and profitability, but it’s about growth of mindsets, and staying innovative.

Throughout the discussion, Karen commented on HLM’s recent transition to an Employee Owned Trust and how this has helped to ensure the company’s brand, purpose, identity, and culture remain in the employee’s hands, as well as securing the shareholding and ownership succession. She also commented on how this integrates with the development of a blended working model, which has prompted employers to be more flexible in the working environments created and allowed for employees to evaluate and express what the ‘right thing’ is for themselves and others.

Karen commented, ‘You’ve got to have strong leadership and direction, but it’s about empowering everyone in the business’

With a reflection on the use of digital tools and how these have enriched the design process, decisions made throughout the process, and HLM’s ability to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and future talent, Karen summarised that businesses need to ‘shift, change, and adapt to be more effective’ and that connection really underpins the success of a business.

Watch the webinar and listen to the discussion here Growth Acceleration: Unleashing Ambitions

‘We have been on a journey for the last four years, soul searching about who we are and what our purpose is, and how we are going to get there – our employees came on that journey with us’

Karen Mosley

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