HLM Glasgow has been inspiring students in Scotland as part of the Founders4Schools programme which aims to prepare young people for the rapidly changing world of work. As part of the programme, HLM’s Amy Barrett has been speaking to secondary school pupils at ‘Bring Business to Life’ events across Glasgow and Stirling providing insights into the world of work to young 15-16 year olds.

The programme gives pupils an insight into various career journeys and emphasises that not all career paths are the same. Research has shown that students with four employer encounters are 86% less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Amy has presented to students at Brannock High School in Motherwell and most recently Dollar Academy in Clackmannanshire. She discussed how she has started working in the marketing industry, her own career path and shared her experiences as part of HLM Glasgow’s team with the students.

Amy commented: “I am thrilled to take part in such a worthy programme and am impressed at the engagement and creativity from the pupils. This has been a great programme for me to be involved personally as I can see the impact it has on students, inspiring and informing them of the world of possibilities available after school.

“HLM really supported my involvement in the programme and I have participated as part of my working day. The team has also helped me adapt and share design and architecture tools with the pupils to excite the younger generation around a career within the industry. Being involved in the scheme also helps me build my confidence in what I do and in public speaking,”

HLM‘s people development efforts are widely known, from the HLM Academy to the company’s strong values, lifestyle packages and family friendly initiatives. The HLM Academy is a professional excellence programme which helps ensure all employees have the opportunity and resources to reach their full potential.

The Founders4Schools Programme’s mission is to inspire students by connecting them with local business leaders and do this by enabling educators to invite business leaders for encounters with their students.

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