Our studio in Belfast, has embarked upon a new project with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS).

An impressive ground breaking ceremony at Crowthorne Community Fire Station has started the redevelopment of the current fire station facilities to create the second tri-service station in Berkshire. Directed by HLM’s Head of Emergency Service, Steven Lennon, the design team is leading the complete design project for the rebuild, including interior and landscape design.

The project is part of Royal Berkshire Fire Authority’s Capital Investment programme. A vital focus of the new design is to provide a recognisable property brand across the Service area. The new station will provide a base for all three blue light services, as well as much needed community-accessible facilities in the heart of the village.

The most important outcome for the design is having a fit-for-purpose facility that support the role of a modern firefighter, as well as the local community that they serve. The design of the new station ensures that operational requirements and processes have been incorporated into the building around them. This has been achieved through the inclusion of a two-vehicle appliance bay, which will support emergency response. There is also a compact gym that demonstrates the understanding and importance of fitness standards for firefighters.

To create a building for all, we designed a community room within the new station, to be used by local community groups. In recognition of the importance of local community involvement, members of the public were invited to the ground breaking ceremony, to learn more about the project.

Steven Lennon, Head of Emergency Services at HLM, said, “We are always delighted to work with RBFRS to develop leading fire stations in keeping with contemporary development in the emergency services sector. As well as being lead designers, we are also creating the interiors and landscaping for the project. Crowthorne Community Fire Station will become a strong focal point for all, focusing on the technology requirements and response times for firefighters, and also considering the needs of the local community”.

Alex Brown, Head of Property Capital Projects & Estates at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said, “HLM have clearly demonstrated their expertise within the emergency services sector and more specifically in fire station design. We have enjoyed working closely with the team to develop the design and requirements of Crowthorne Community Fire Station, and we look forward to opening the new building.”

This is our second Tri-Service (on-call) Community Fire Station, working in partnership with RBFRS, having previously designed Hungerford Community Fire Station in 2017.