On Friday, 9th October, Karen Mosley, Managing Director, joined a Q&A session at the EB Reset Daily Podcast.

“We’re taking the technology that we’d already invested in, and starting to dive a bit deeper with that, using the full extent of its capabilities.”

Karen featured alongside Anna Gowridge, Managing Director at 100% Human at Work, Virgin Unite.

They discussed the adaptability of businesses and the people within them to changes in technology, and the benefits that have been realised through a move to more remote working.

The discussion recognised that technology and alternative modes of connectivity are beneficial to the running of business when we’re unable to meet, however face-to-face interaction is not something that can be replaced. They also considered how expectations, rules of engagement and development of social skills have been affected and adapted by new ways of working.

How can we remain inclusive of everyone, regardless of their choice of working methods, and ensure that we are providing the support needed?

Listen to the full podcast here: Employee Benefits Reset – Day 5 Q&A