HLM Architects at MIPIM 2020

Meet the HLM Team at MIPIM 2020 and discuss the opportunities that Innovation Districts can offer to developing our towns and cities.


Following extensive research of over 20 case studies in the US, we have applied our knowledge and expertise to help drive and kickstart Innovation Districts in the UK.

The term ‘Innovation District’ is used to describe a wide variety of types of development. What unites all of them is an element of collaboration between public and private sector bodies, often with a higher education institute as an ‘anchor tenant’.

What excites us is the potential of these districts to be a new model for how we organise our communities. Not just places of work, but rich vibrant neighbourhoods where people live and relax too; where the daily commute is a walk or bike ride away. The economic, social and ecological benefits of this model are huge and we are keen to explore how towns, cities and regions can benefit from this approach.

Our ambition is to share knowledge and help raise awareness of the possibilities that Innovation Districts can bring to regional economic success.

Our fascination and commitment to exploring new ideas about how we live, work and play is at the heart of everything that we do. We recognize that innovation districts present an opportunity for us to rethink how we develop our towns and cities to create distinct places where communities can thrive, bringing prosperity and reducing environmental impacts.

This is a future we’re already helping to shape.

Let’s talk about making better places for people. Talk to the HLM Team at MIPIM 2020.

Learn more about our experts at MIPIM 2020 below.

Richard O’Neil

Christopher Liddle 

Nick Beecroft

Jamie Wilson

David Cafferty

Anna Kiho 

Matthew Thomas 

Nicola McKay 

Patrick Clark

If you are attending MIPIM and would like to meet with one of the team, please contact the team direct.


Meet the HLM Team at MIPIM 2020

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