Claire joined HLM in 2018 as our London Studio Director and Education Lead for London and South-East, bringing a collaborative and creative approach to designing new buildings, masterplanning or repurposing existing facilities.

She has a strong leadership style, adding value through open and lateral thinking to deliver the best design solutions through a collaborative process that meets the client’s vision and budget. In addition to all of this, she displays strong business and financial management skills, to projects and our own business alike, setting the strategy for profitable outcomes whilst ensuring our own teams are appropriately resourced to deliver the highest quality service.

Claire has specialised in the Education sector since 2006, and has worked on a diverse portfolio of education projects, to improve and provide new facilities for schools and further education colleges. Her focus is on developing and delivering innovative solutions, and her extensive experience of leading teams in providing outstanding designs has included working with leisure and arts organisations, local authorities, major contractors and developers, as well as acting as client-side technical advisor.

Did you know?
Claire was formerly the Arts Council’s Head of Architecture, providing design advice on their lottery funded projects. She has a real interest in the arts, and has also worked internationally for a Rotterdam-based architects practice.


Thoughts and Views

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