Based in the Cardiff studio, Matthew is an experienced architect and has worked with new and historic buildings in sensitive contexts for over 20 years. He became a RIBA Conservation Accredited Architect in 2020.  He has orchestrated the careful repair and re-use of existing structures, pairing them with new interventions, additions, and extensions.  His experience has included a wide range of buildings and sectors, turning former banks, schools and hospitals into galleries, theatres and hotels.

Matthew has led large and small project teams successfully through the RIBA work stages from start to finish.  His passion is adaptative re-use, intervention, and sustainable design within sensitive and historic architectural settings. He is experienced in working closely with clients at every stage, and in paying careful consideration to historical sites and buildings, allowing him to arrive at and focus upon an appropriate response.

Did you know?

If you’re looking for Matthew outside work, he will be working on renovating his Edwardian bungalow.


Thoughts and Views

11.04.22 | Helen Grant

Definitions of Heritage Architecture

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