Philip rejoined HLM in 2018 as Director, Head of Design. This is his second stint at HLM and a measure of the attraction of our ‘extended family’ ethos. While Philip’s main expertise lies in education, he has gained a wealth of experience across several sectors, including healthcare, workplace, residential and masterplanning.

Philip is responsible for driving design culture across our studios and has been instrumental in establishing HLM’s Thoughtful Design ethos. He passionately believes that good design can positively impact people and society.

Philip also leads HLM’s research and development programme which currently covers design for wellbeing, client engagement, modern methods of construction, special educational needs, and environmental sustainability. In 2019 he was made Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds.

Did you know?
Philip was a regular contributor to the New Musical Express in the late ‘80s and has at least one entry in the Guinness Book of Hit Records.


Thoughts and Views

Philip Watson MMC Piece Wellingborough HLM Architects
29.07.20 | Philip Watson

MMC approach for new build prison at Wellingborough

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AJ Post Occupancy Evaluation piece by Philip Watson from HLM Architects
21.07.20 | Philip Watson

The uncomfortable truth about post-occupancy evaluation

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AWRC Parkrun demonstrating the Social Value of HLM Architects design
15.07.20 | Philip Watson

Sustainability, Social Value and the Power of Design

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Modern Methods of Construction presentation by Philip Watson from HLM Architects
25.06.20 | Philip Watson

We need to talk about Modular

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Philip Watson, Head of Design @ HLM Architects
11.06.20 | Philip Watson

Post-occupancy – it should be embedded in every practice and project

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Philip Watson Everything is Connected Article for Building Magazine
27.04.20 | Philip Watson

Everything is connected

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Philip Watson, Director HLM Architects Social Value Text
05.02.20 | Philip Watson

Good Design Adds Value - Economically, Socially and Environmentally

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28.10.19 | Philip Watson

Modular: Enough Debate, We're Just Doing It...

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