Simon has been part of HLM since 1997, and in that time his work as a Landscape Architect has spanned all of our sectors and locations.

Simon has benefitted from HLM’s Academy, developing his skills and experience through various roles and learning programmes to be appointed a Director of the practice in 2017.

In his role as Director, Simon is board sponsor of our Landscape Architecture discipline as well as the strategic leadership of our teams in Belfast and Dublin. Building on his interest for sustainable design, he is also HLM’s Sustainability Champion and drives the ambition of the practice to deliver truly sustainable places which contribute positively to the global environment.

Did you know?
Simon has recently become a certified Passivhaus consultant, and is in the process of building a passivhaus for his family in Northern Ireland. He’s becoming an expert in thermal bridging analysis, insulation and airtightness tapes!


Thoughts and Views

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