The masterplan for this project was thoughtfully crafted and informed by extensive consultation processes to create a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable mixed-use community. Cultural, social, and economic diversity were key considerations, with a recognition of the need to generate economic activity and value. The result is a new urban environment that enhances the sense of place while remaining in harmony with the local community in Greenwich that it serves.

Design Approach

The Movement reflects the project and design team’s shared vision to create a diverse mixed-use community at the Greenwich DLR & main line station, creating a new gateway to Greenwich Town Centre.

Right from the beginning of the project, conducting a thorough site analysis was an essential aspect that aided us in arriving at the optimal masterplan solution. To enhance the value and overall experience of the site, our design strategy prioritised the creation of a new public realm route that runs from east to west. This approach resulted in new development frontage, which is critical in generating value and high-quality public realm that serves as the new community hub.

The scheme brief and design underwent an extensive process of design development and consultation with the Local Planning Authority, neighbours, and the public. As a result, the zoning was meticulously planned to create a mix of uses that would contribute to a series of innovative and creative building designs providing high-quality living and working environments that are fully integrated into the site and the wider public realm. The scheme delivers c. 500,000ft2 of high-density mixed-use urban development arranged along a new street connecting Greenwich High Road and Norman Road through the station entrance. The development includes residential, incubator, office space, hotel, student accommodation, commercial, leisure, and community facilities.

The architectural design of the buildings presents a range of complementary styles that one would typically expect in a street scene. Each element has its language, providing it with individual identity and a rich visual quality when viewed as a whole. The public realm also embodies the story of the new place, carefully linked back to the heritage of Greenwich and its significance during the industrial revolution.

"I would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of The Movement and to making it the inspiring and beautiful place it is. As a team we have transformed a derelict industrial warehouse site into a new living, breathing community bringing jobs, homes and economic sustainability to an important part of Greenwich Town Centre."

Richard Upton, Chief Development Officer