Noor Itrakjy, Senior Landscape Architect based in our London studio, recently did a ‘little interview’ for Pro Landscaper magazine. Her answers give a great insight into her thoughts and interests.

Noor is passionate about design, green infrastructure and sustainable landscapes, but what else interests her?

Take a look at what she said

If you weren’t in the horticulture industry, what would you be doing?

Fashion designer or working in travel/events management.

Garden shows/show gardens – inspirational or not?

Very much so, good to see varying planting design and get inspiration for project work.

Other than the UK, which country’s landscape inspires you the most?

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands or Iceland

What would you blow your budget on?

Planting more woodlands, ongoing community engagement to understand how our projects impact and benefit the community and going on international site visits.

The one person in the industry you’d love to meet?

David Attenborough

One thing that you think would make the industry better?

More developers investing in biodiversity enhancements, sustainability and seeing the importance and value of green infrastructure without cutting planning corners.

Newest gardening trend in your opinion

Planting for biodiversity, meadows and naturalistic planting

Couldn’t get through the week without…

Coffee, my husband family, friends and laughing

Best invention in recent years?

VR and BIM

Favourite tipple?

Big fan of elderflower in spirits

What three things would you take to a desert island?

My husband, a can of bug spray and a satellite phone.

Karaoke song of choice?

Fleetwood Mac, Gypsy




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