HLM’s Scottish base is a bright airy space, in a great location alongside other creative consultants.

From here we deliver projects across all sectors, with a good mix of experienced heads alongside fresh new ideas straight from University, college or elsewhere.

Architects, technicians, interior designers, marketing, IT and administration, all work together in a big open plan space, with a mix of different collaboration spaces to brainstorm and design.

Design forums and reviews refine our designs, everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration, it is an ideal way to introduce colleagues to your work while helping develop the skills needed to successfully lead or take part in stakeholder engagement sessions.

Many of us have worked together for a number of years, which makes it easy to build teams of complementary skillsets.

We are a sociable bunch, and can often be found catching up with colleagues and friends on Friday nights in one of the local pubs, or hosting a Friday skive event.

Feel free to come and join us. Find our latest vacancies here

Lorraine Robertson is the Glasgow studio director.