Karen Mosley opens Sheffield Business Awards 2021

HLM’s Managing Director, Karen Mosley, opened the Sheffield Business Awards this year.  It was great to see the event, which celebrates the best businesses in Sheffield, still going ahead despite continuously changing guidelines; supporting the businesses and suppliers who were invested in making the evening such a success.

“Individually we are unique, collectively we are strong – with a passionate and common desire to make Sheffield an even better place.”

Keeping on theme with the time of year and taking inspiration from the 12 days of Christmas, Karen shared the top 12 reasons why she is proud to be President of the Chamber of Commerce and proud of her city.  She said:-

1. We’re strong and northern.  Just like our Henderson’s Relish, we have this rich warm spirit like nowhere else. 

2. We get through things together.  There’s a network of old and new relationships connecting individuals and institutions in our city who want to make Sheffield more successful.  We’re just getting started.

3. We’re evolving as a Chamber of Commerce.  Making sure we’re more relevant and connected to the needs of our business community than ever before.

4. We’re home to some of the worlds firsts.  From longest standing to most cutting edge future thinking.  From our universities, our healthcare specialisms, Advanced Manufacturing to Advanced Wellbeing.

5. Our 3 Chambers in South Yorkshire are working together like never before.  Driving the debate about skills in our region and how we grow our economy.

6. We’re embracing new industries.  As a city, we’re bringing together makers and innovators.  We’re improving productivity, improving lives and being recognised on a global stage.

7. We’re one of the best locations for a City Break declared by Timeout Magazine this month.  For our heritage, our galleries, theatres, museums, artisan bars and bakers and brewers, the list goes on.

8. Our Green Outdoor City status is unique.  We sometimes take it for granted – it’s even more of a magnet now.

9. We’re a city of extraordinary people who care.  This year the Chamber joined up with Sheffield Business Together to further link businesses with charities to make even more of a difference across our communities.

10. We have a town hall that is listening and collaborating. I’m grateful to the councillors, Kate Josephs and her team for reaching out and working more closely with the business community.

11. We are seeing increasing investment and regeneration. Helping unlock exciting opportunities so our city can reach its full potential and thrive.

12. And finally 12 – the reason I’m proud to be President is because I care deeply about my city.

What makes Sheffield so special?  For me, it’s the rich diversity of our people.  Our city is full of extraordinary individuals.  Some are already in our workplaces.  Others are aspiring to do so.  The more we can do to raise the profile of the inspiring organisations across our city, the more people will take a route into our sectors and professions and become our future workforce.  Everyone was a winner of these awards and needs to be celebrated.  Every single business had such an amazing story to tell.

There is such connectivity and energy in our city that is really building momentum.  I only have 12 months, but as President I will do what I can during that time, to make a difference.  Particularly in relation to improving social mobility and unlocking the rich diversity of talent that exists across our region.

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