Plans for a new city centre event hub in Sheffield’s City centre have been approved.

Designed by HLM Architects, the five-storey building at 20-26 Fargate will undergo a significant facelift and retrofit to be transformed into Event Central, a multi-purpose events space for local businesses and the community.

Event Central will be a catalyst for further regeneration of Fargate.

Comprising 18,000 sq ft, Event Central will provide a part community, part commercial offering that will act as a blueprint and catalyst for further regeneration of Fargate. It will include an arrival space that will act as a tourist information point and other community uses, a live music venue located in the basement, storage and support for outdoor city centre events, a temporary exhibition space including a digital ‘black box’ and maker area, and co-working areas on the upper floors.

Once a vibrant destination full of large signs and colourful awnings, the new plans will bring a sense of this back to Fargate along with the lost grandeur of the original 1800s building.

A new, contemporary façade will feature lit signage, which will sit in deliberate contrast to the existing classically proportioned stonework and signal a new function of the building as a digitally focused space.

Jamie Wilson, Hospitality, Leisure & Culture Sponsor at HLM said: “The Fargate Event Central project is a significant redevelopment that will provide a mix of heritage and contemporary buildings combining our history with our future. Re-imagining 20-26 Fargate as a new community and event space that will sit at the heart of the development has been a hugely rewarding exercise. Event Central will act as an anchor destination for businesses, tourism, and the local community, providing a range of facilities and resources that support the city centre and make it an exciting destination for everyone to enjoy.”

Internally, the building will feature mid-century style finishes and colour palettes, complementing the era of the retained façade. There is lit wayfinding throughout, carrying through the external lit signage into the building so visitors are aware of where they need to be, as well as a new lighting scheme that can be adjusted, taking visitors from day to night. Iconic Sheffield artwork will feature throughout the building, anchoring its identity as a local destination worth visiting independently of its other uses.

Work on site will commence in Spring 2023, with full completion expected in February 2024.

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