HLM were approached by Mott MacDonald to re-locate their Sheffield office and create a landmark workspace to reflect the presence of their brand in the city. The new facility provides contemporary office space mixing natural elements with clean lines and high-quality furniture.

Design Approach

A key element for the client was to improve connectivity and collaboration between the teams, introduce modern methods of working and provide a variety of spaces to encourage their staff to move away from their traditional desk-based routines.

Our approach centred around creating flexible workplace settings where both staff and visitors could collaborate. Formal and informal spaces provide tech enabled work zones from which both individuals and teams can work.

Desk space is complemented by a variety of meeting spaces to accommodate all type of meeting. Project spaces are located central to the workplace to encourage staff engagement and knowledge sharing.

Workplace strategies were introduced to increase the organisation’s efficiency, with the most significant one being the implementation of a desk/staff ratio. Staff were provided with lockers allowing them to use all desks when working within the building, creating a truly flexible working environment.