Sector Overview

Improving the general wellbeing of our employees, clients and building users is an ongoing ambition of ours.

From the importance of landscape to the detail of interiors, our sleeping, waking, home and working life should be predicated on avoiding stress, unhappiness, illness and pain.

This is of course even more pertinent in the Healthcare Sector and the design of our healing environments provide the spaces needed to minimise length of stay, speed recovery, improve wellness and reduce the need for re-admission.

Melanie Jacobsen Cox is our Head of Healthcare.

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The building comprises nearly 27,000sqm on 3 floors and provides a state of the art emergency treatment centre, incorporating facilities for the streaming of emergency admissions in term of major assessment and urgent treatment for adults with segregation from children’s emergency. The departments are collocated with comprehensive diagnostic imaging facilities and a suite of operating theatres.