Sector Overview

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For two decades we have worked alongside the Tri-Services gaining a deep understanding of the functional and cultural needs of this critical sector. The themes of wellbeing, security, and military ethos are underpinned by our Thoughtful Design approach. The outcome is world-class working, living and training facilities for all levels of personnel.

Christopher Liddle is our Defence Sponsor.

Gaza Barracks Catterick Junior Ranks Mess

New Build Catering, Retail and Leisure (CRL) facility for Junior Ranks designed to accommodate personnel of HQ Signal Squadron and 3 and 5 Medical Regiments based at Gaza Barracks, Catterick Garrison.  The design concept is based on providing a “Pavilion” style Mess building suitable for all-inclusive access while overcoming the challenging site topography. The Mess is required to be adjacent to the JRSLA while still being welcoming to visitors, civilian workers on the Barracks, and families of Service Personnel.

Imphal Barracks York SLA Block and office refurbishment

The headquarters for the Adaptable Force, commanded by Headquarters 1st (United Kingdom) Division. Including a requirement for the re-configuration of the office accommodation on the barracks, new bespoke Single Living Accommodation for the Senior Officers of the Headquarters and transit accommodation for surge personnel that will visit the headquarters for short periods. The HSQ building will be the first building of this kind purposefully built for the sole use of the delivery and assembly of the 34 Field Hospital Brigade units.