HLM Architects meet the team at MIPIM 2022

HLM’s team will be representing the Cardiff Capital Region – a fast growing hub for skills, education, and regeneration

We’re back for MIPIM 2022 and ready to take on the opportunities and challenges facing the built environment.

Driving Urban Change is the theme of this year’s conference and it’s a topic that resonates with our own approach to thoughtful design and creating better spaces that improve lives.

Places of education that inspire, healthcare environments that nurture, homes that are part of thriving communities and infrastructure that is sustainable in every sense. It is this sense of social purpose that drives us and is at the heart of everything we do.

As architecture, landscape and interior specialists with deep sector insight, our design philosophy puts people at its centre. Working collaboratively across five studios, we listen and respond to the ambitions of our clients and understand the needs of the people who use the places and spaces that we create.

HLM Architects has subsequently built a reputation for design excellence and expertise across our sectors with a focus on solving our client’s challenges and mindful of the impact that design can have on people, communities, and society. We have a proud history of producing architecture that helps improve people’s lives.

We’re committed to a more sustainable built environment and our aim is bold and ambitious: everything we design by 2025 will meet the RIBA 2030 Sustainable Outcomes.

With the built environment accounting for 39% of global carbon emissions, we recognise our collective responsibility to create places which significantly reduce the impact on the world. Through our ‘Thoughtful Design’ culture, we have reinforced our passionate belief in making every project as sustainable as possible. We support our clients to make informed choices which will impact positively on our climate, support the health and wellbeing of our communities, and protect the biodiversity of our natural systems.

After a challenging couple of years, we know that building back better is more than a slogan. It’s about coming together to drive and implement the changes needed to guarantee a more prosperous future for us all. And our aim is simple: to deliver the highest performing buildings which have a positive impact on the lives of those who use them, and on the world for future generations.

Let’s start a conversation. Meet with the HLM team at MIPIM 2022.

Richard O’Neil

Christopher Liddle

David Cafferty

Simon Chenery

Anna Kiho

Jamie Wilson

For more information on the Cardiff Capital Region and their programme of events at MIPIM, click here

Meet the HLM Team at MIPIM 2022

Meet Richard O'Neil at MIPIM 2022 Meet Jamie Wilson at MIPIM 2022 Meet Anna Kiho at MIPIM 2022 Meet Simon Chenery at MIPIM 2022 Meet David Cafferty at MIPIM 2022

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